Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Proposal 1 ... Yawn

Here is why there is no real movement to oppose Proposal 1, “Everyone knows that it is going to fail!”

And it should fail!

Elected Democrats in Lansing are doing what they can to promote Proposal 1 but rank and file Democrats oppose it. The Democratic Party leadership is dancing around the issue because they want to support their elected leadership without offending the general membership.

There are three things that we all of us know but some of us are trying very hard to not know:

  1. This is a regressive tax increase that will hurt low and middle income taxpayers disproportionate to high income earners.
  2. None of the new money earmarked for roads, schools and local government will actually help roads, schools and local government. Other general tax money for roads, schools and local government will just be reduced to offset gains due to earmarked funds.
  3. The only reason we are even considering this is because of the insane reduction in corporate income tax passed by Republicans and the Republicans are already considering income tax reductions that will disproportionately lower taxes on high income earners.

If the proposal is unfair, will not actually fix the problem and is only being proposed to avoid taxing corporations and the wealthy, then we must oppose it.

But then, it hardly matters whether we oppose it or not. The voters are having none of this, they are going to defeat this proposal for reasons that have nothing to do with whether or not the proposal is fair or will fix the problem.

The voters just don’t want to pay more taxes of any kind for any reason. 

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